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Barricade Stomp
The evil Decepticon stomps the ground when threatening Spike

Blackout's Shockwave Attack
After transforming, Blackout unleashes a shockwave attack.

Blackout Transformation
Blackout transforming.

Blackout Transformation 2
Blackout transforming.

Bobby Bolivia (Bernie Mac)
Bobby talks to Spike about picking cars.

Bumblebee Transformation
Bumblebee transforms from 1974 Camaro to robot.

Bumblebee Robot Move
Bumblebee turning his head.

Pre-Earth Transformer crashes
Transformer in pre-earth comet mode, crashing on the surface.

Explosions at the Sox & Ford Base.

Frenzy Transformation
Frenzy transforms from boom-box to robot.

Ironhide Robot Move
Ironhide emerges from the pool in the backyard.

Ironhide Walking
Ironhide walking away from the pool.

Secretary of Defense Keller (Jon Voight)
Speaking of the attack on the US base.

Secretary of Defense Keller again(Jon Voight)
"The only lead we have is this sound."

Menu Open
From the official Transformers Movie site.

"My God!"
Glen Morshower at the attacked base.

Optimus Prime Transformation
The Autobot leader's first Transformation on earth.

"Power down now!"
Glen Morshower commanding pilot in chopper.

Optimus Prime Transformation 2
Revealing his robot mode.

Scroll Effect
From the official Transformers Movie site.

Select Effect
From the official Transformers Movie site.

Sparkplug talking
His son is going to buy his first car.

Starscream Transformation
Starscream transforms from F-22 Raptor to robot.

Teaser Transformation
The Transforming text.

Teaser Transformation 2
The Transforming 7.4.7

The Transformer Sound
Sound used plenty of times in teaser trailers.

Website Transformation
Transforming menus on the official site.

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."
Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime.

"Autobots! Transform and Roll Out!"
Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime.

 "This Ends Here, Megatron!" "Die Autobot!!"
Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime and Frank Welker as Megatron.

Transforming insignia from game website
Transforming graphics.